OCCUPY is a diverse campus ministry that is dedicated to spreading the Word of GOD and has radically changed the landscape of campus ministry at Missouri State.

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To usher in an era of true worship and relationship with GOD on the Missouri State campus and beyond. Striving to break down the barriers of race, religion, and culture while connecting people to GOD and cultivating a community of believers dedicated to serving and living according to His will. Students of all walks of life will fellowship and experience GOD so they can be a living testament and build up the kingdom.



OCCUPY knows the Word of GOD to be infallible and true. We yield to the Holy Spirit and know that Jesus Christ the son of the living GOD died for all mankind, that we may live and have everlasting life. We serve our omniscient and omnipresent Lord who has individually crafted each us to serve and live our lives out according to his will. We are they who are unafraid to challenge the world and live a peculiar life in service to our GOD. We believe that barriers of religion, race, and tradition are to be admonished for lives to be brought unto Christ. We have been strategically placed to OCCUPY Missouri State to make a Godly impact on the students, the Springfield community, and beyond.

Life in Christ is about growing and helping others.


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